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A safe space for birthworkers to learn, connect, and build community.

The Birthworker Den

Mission & Vision

The Mission of The Birthworker Den is to empower birthworkers through evidence based education, holistic mentorship, and unyielding support, which will equip them with tools to proactively improve outcomes for pregnant people and their families.

The Vision of The Birthworker Den is to empower and equip all birthworkers with advocacy tools and knowledge to positively impact the maternal and infant health crisis.

Offerings to Birthworkers

The Birthworker Den is a foundation for aspiring, new, or seasoned doulas, lactation consultants, breastfeeding support specialists, birth advocates, and all people who are passionate about birthwork.

The Birthworker Den is membership based with selective options available for non members

Programs Begin in January

Take the next steps to invest in your Birthworker Business today.

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