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Do I Need A Doula?

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Bringing a life into this world is a beautiful and transcending experience and it should be treated with the upmost care and respect. In the medical field, labor and birth can sometimes be transactional and indifferent because health providers are juggling multiple patients and unable to create individual experiences. This leads to birthing people receiving the same plan of care even though they may have imagined a different labor and birth. Many times, parents are unaware of their rights as a patient which leads them to doing what their doctor recommends even when it may not be what they want. This is why acquiring doula services is beneficial.

Doulas educate, empower, and encourage parents to be to have the birth experience which they desire. Doulas are not medical providers and should not provide medical advice or deliver babies; however, we are advocates who provide emotional, informative, and physical support. Research proves that having a doula present reduces the need for medical induction, cesarean birth, and pain medication during childbirth and labor. Doulas provide families with an array of support, ranging from creating birthing plans, all the way to providing family support one to weeks after birth. During labor, doulas use aromatherapy, affirmations, labor positions, massages and different tools to assist with physical comfort and breathing. We help birthing people take back their birthing power and bring their precious bundle of love into the world how they want to! Doulas can support families with home births, hospital births, and at birthing centers.

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